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What type of gambler are you?

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Have you ever wondered what type of player are you? Do you respect your other competitors and play fair or you don't care about the gaming equity? Are you a high-stakes guy from the very start or you prefer warming up with small bets? There are several factors that can determine your gaming attitude, like your experience level, financial goal or whether you play for profits or just for fun, which can easily tell you what type of gambler are you.

The industry's specialists consider that players can be divided in three groups, as follows: the ones who play proficiently, the social players and the ones who developed a gambling problem.

  • The professional type

    roulette players

    If you are not one of them, you definitely know the guy. You saw him at least once every time you visited a casino. He's self-assured, always focused and he seems like he's the only one who can actually pull of the infamous "poker face". The expert has the capacity to manage his time and finances in the most constructive way. This type of players are very energetic during a game and they prefer to rely on strategies rather than on luck.

  • The social type

    happy roulette players

    If you're a social player, then your main objective is to have fun. The land based casino or the gaming portals form your own private wonderland. You love the flashes and animations that most casino games provide and you never bet more than you should. This kind of relaxed attitude is the one that can bring only the best out of casino games.

  • The problem type

    woman casino gambling

    You might have met this type of gambler too and not just once. The problem type is the one that has already developed an addictive behavior, so we hope that this is not your case. This player can get in the position of putting a mortgage on his house just to continue playing. However, this kind of behavior can be avoided though several facts that can help you spot a pathological gambler, as follows:

    • Constant preoccupation for casino games;
    • Incapacity to control his or her gambling behavior;
    • Serious issue due to neglecting his other social duties, like job or family;
    • Serious financial losses.

Gambling addicts attribute a set of elements to their gambling activity. They tend to associate it with the element of power and a false sense of control over their life, as a response to some real issues they cannot be manage anymore.

The main rule of any entertaining activity is to not harm yourself, so, just be mature about it and don't look at the games of chance as a certified source of income. Keep in mind that it's all about luck and sometimes about skill, so just enjoy a healthy gaming experience.

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