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Video Poker - An introduction

video poker - an introduction

Poker is one of those casino games that have endured for a very long time, and not only that, but this particular game continues to be a big deal all around the world. With regular poker tournaments taking place in the US, Australia, Europe, and pretty much all over the internet it’s really hard to deny its popularity, and why do so anyway!

The poker game apparently started up somewhere in Louisiana and spread to the rest of the country through the help of riverboats. Back in those days casino games were played on such boats largely because gambling had a bad rep and the boat was harder to find by authorities. Flash forward a few hundred years and Video Poker was invented and started gaining in popularity as well, although it did not replace any part of traditional table poker.

Video poker is based on the 5 card draw game and is completely computerized. This removes any nervousness players might feel while playing against real people, and maybe even real pros, at the poker table. The rules of the game are pretty much like playing slots but you’re still employing strategy very much in order to win. Just because the game is played with coins and on a machine doesn’t make it any less intense and hard to handle.

The obvious advantage of video poker is that you can find various free trial versions online where you can completely play for free and practice your craft before venturing to play for real money. Moreover, if you become one of the casino’s loyalty members you will not only be winning based on your skill but also be credited with extras and bonuses from the casino.

With video poker showing you a pay-table right there in front of your eyes, what player can complain? You can read the game rules and outlines and figure out what the payout percentages for each bet are and also calculate the winning odds before you even start playing.

Forget about superstitions and old wives’ tales, they do not help you in any way. What’s more these myths could keep you from thinking straight and taking advantage of an opportunity that is right there in front of you. If you need to do a little bit of research to learn to distinguish from real and fake rumours when it comes to video poker and gambling in general.

The best advice we can actually offer is that you read one of Bob Dancer’s books on Poker. The man is a genius and his books can help you a lot in learning the ropes of video poker as well. You will feel more confident with this knowledge acquired and will definitely improve your game tenfold.

Besides playing online and testing your skills with the free video poker variety you could also download software that will test your poker skills. This type of software can also set you straight when it comes to misconceptions about hands and betting options.

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