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Vegas Three Card Rummy

Vegas Three Card Rummy

Vegas Three Card Rummy is a variant of Poker which can be found on some Internet casinos. The game has rules which are very close to those of Three Card Poker, with the exception that hands are scored much differently and there is no ante bonus. As an extra the raise bet pays 4 to 1 for premium hands.


  1. You will require a single 52-card deck in order to play this game.
  2. All of the cards will be ranked according to their usual Poker value, except for the aces which are always low.
  3. The main object as a player is to have fewer points than the dealer.
  4. To start things off the players will have to make an ante bet. They can also make an optional bonus bet if they want too.
  5. Both players and the dealer will be dealt three cards each. All of the hands will be scored by using the table below. If a certain hand can be scored in more than one way you will have to use the lower total.
    • Singleton aces will be counted as 1 point, 2 to 10 will be taken by their face value and face cards all count as 10 points.
    • Three of a kind, pairs and runs of at least 2 suited cards will count as zero points.
  6. When a player has reviewed his hand he gets the choice to raise or fold. In the event that he chooses to raise he will have to make an additional bet equal to his ante bet.
  7. At this moment the dealer will have to turn over his cards.
  8. In order to qualify the dealer must have less than 20 points. If the dealer doesn't qualify, all remaining ante bets will pay even money while the raise bets will push.
  9. When the dealer does qualify his hand and the player's will be compared and the lower total will win.
  10. If the player ends up having the lower total, his ante and raise bets will pay according to the following table. When the dealer has the lower total, the ante and raise bets will lose. If a tie appears all the bets will push.
  11. If the bonus bet was made by the player he will be paid as follows.


There is not much to say here. As far as the ante bet goes the player should have the same folding point as the dealer. He should raise with 20 or fewer points and fold with 21 or more.

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