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Types of online casino tourneys

Types of online casino tourneys

Online casinos are getting smarter and better by the day. From beautifully created game graphics to interesting soundtracks, they're going all out to impress players worldwide. Online table games are getting more interesting with each new game release and new mobile technologies are setting the stage for never before seen features.

This said, the subject of today's article is online casino tourneys. The reason we chose to write about this is simply because online tourneys are getting larger and the pots are growing huger all the time. With the progressive game networks now in place, games are seeing jackpots that exceed millions of dollars on a regular basis.

Up till recently online tourneys offered smaller pots, fewer days to try your skills out, and a player could only have one go at it. The outcome of these types of tournaments would have the finalists share in the prize pool.

The introduction of multi-leveled tourneys really changed the face of this online gambling venture. Players now have the opportunity to move up through multiple levels of play and the more you advance the higher the chance of a really big payout.

The process of signing up for such a tournament is simple. First you must find out if there is an entry fee. Most often than not the fee is waived and all types of players can try their luck at getting to the next stage. The first round is the qualifying round, and quite a smart move on the part of the online casinos, because this is how they triage the good players from the average ones.

The best part of this round is that once the best players come out winning, there is a small prize for each of them. The fun doesn't stop here, as a qualifying player you get to go on to the next round without having to pay a fee. The rest of the wanting players can still continue in the tournament but it will cost them.

Once you move past this initiating round you're on your way to the top, and, if you've got what it takes, you'll be enjoying that ultimate prize at the end. The thing is that these tournaments can last anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. And that's actually a good thing, if you think about it. Since you have the chance to advance you also have the chance to sharpen your skills. So, regardless of whether you win or not, you'll most definitely walk away with a whole load of experience to be applied in your next gambling endeavour.

The event continues with the next rounds in a similar fashion as the qualifying one, just that as the prize pool grows larger, the entry fees for those that do not pass the next level will also become more substantial. Rest assured that you will have a few days break between levels so you'll be able to rest and clear your mind for the round to follow.

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