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Top 3 online slots today

top 3 online slots today

I guess it’s no secret that online casinos have loads of slots game ready for the picking, on their online platforms. And when I say loads, I mean freaking tons. Sure some casinos like to travel light and only offer up a few hundred games, but even still it can be a daunting task to sift through the pile and find the best ones.

When looking for the best games to fit your style and budget amongst the hundreds available online, it is important to have a few criteria at hand by which to judge their goodness. Games that run smoothly are important, regardless of the platform you are viewing them from. I mean, come on, the days of jolting TV pixels are over and HD is king, so please find a game that matches your software, for the love of slots!

Also, a Free Spins feature is not too bad to have in your corner, so games that offer that up on a platter are definitely games you want to be taking a chunk out of. In terms of visuals, there is no excuse for accepting second rate animations or designs, so get it into your head that it’s simply not acceptable to play such horrendous games. They shouldn’t even exist on the market; it just gives casinos a bad rep for no good reason.

Ok, enough about that, let’s get into the meat. What are the best, most popular and amazing looking online slots out there you ask? Well, keep your head on and eyes peeled because I’m going to tell you just that.

A popular by vote online video slot game really worth trying out is none other than The Dark Night. I am 100% sure you know who the main character is. You’ve seen the movies, you’ve read the comics and you’ve even taken a peek at the cartoon series. This can only mean one thing, you love the Batman and you’ll love this slot game.

Developed by online games developer giant Microgaming, this 243 ways to win video slot game comes with a suite of benefits. A Free Spins Feature, Stacked Wilds, Cinematic Spins, plenty of Bonus Features and an integrated Progressive Jackpot is all a player can dream of when faced with a spin button. Yes The Dark Night has them all, and yes, you can play this game in free mode to get the hang of it.

Second on my list of favourites, and most other players’ list for that matter, is the Thunderstruck II video slot game. They made a sequel. Hmm! You might tend to be suspicious of this, seeing as most movie sequels tend to be garbage. But, in the case of slots games the exact opposite applies: they make sequels because the first game was so popular that it warranted an upgraded version.

Thunderstruck II approaches the Norse Mythology theme in a stellar way and who wouldn’t like to fight elbow to elbow with the mighty Thor, after all? Not coincidentally this game has also been developed by Microgaming. And the simple reason why it’s so popular is indeed quite simple: Microgaming is awesome! That is all!

Third, but not in the least less important is the infamous safari-themed jackpot-giving hulk, Mega Moolah online slot game. Sporting 5 reels, this game is most famous for its incredibly high progressive jackpot payouts. This is not for the light of heart! Winning such an enormous amount of “moolah” could even cause me to have a mild heart - attack, so take it in strides.

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