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Top five casino ghost stories

Top five casino ghost stories

What factors could determine a casino to be haunted? Could it be its uninspired placement on an ancient burial ground? How would you react if someone built a casino on your ancestors’ grave? You’d be particularly upset, right? Well, who says that ghosts don’t have the right to get pissed off just like the rest of us? Let’s check out all the juicy events that some people went through.

1. The road to Barona casino

Back in 1998 a man who goes by the name of Jesse as he refused to disclose his full identity, claimed he witnessed some very strange events as he was heading towards the Barona Casino. He told how one night he stopped the car for a woman who asked him for help. Although he couldn’t really see her face, our guy stepped out of the car took his flashlight and followed her to what he thought would be an accident sighting. He followed the strange lady to a steep creek where she disappeared. He found out the next day that he met the so called “ghost lady” who used to lure men to their death into the steep.

The road to Barona casino

2. The Excalibur casino sightings

One summer, some newlyweds went to spend their honeymoon at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. They claim to have experienced some very strange events. From flickering lights, to a strange fog like presence unraveling before their eyes. The eerie ghost actually appears on photographs taken by the couple vacationing. Their story is not that strange at all according to some, as this casino is known for being haunted.

The Excalibur casino sightings

3. The strange presence from Sandia Casino

A couple was returning one night from Sandia Casino and right before they reached the Bernalillo exit they could see a scary male presence sitting on the top of the hill with black eyes who seemed to try to lure them towards him. The couple got very scared as they claim they could feel an evil presence, so they drove away into the night without looking back.

The strange presence from Sandia Casino

4. The girl in the yellow dress from Cherokee Casino

Many claimed sighting of various human specters walking through walls. More noticeable is the particular spirit of a girl in a yellow dress, who shows up on the surveillance cameras playing in the area of the Blackjack table especially on Easter Sundays. Expectantly enough, nobody in the room can actually see her.

The girl in the yellow dress from Cherokee Casino

5. The mirror inside Northern Lights Casino

A young woman by the name of Jacalyn claims that on two occasions when she took a picture in front of the casino mirror, the reflection of the same little girls appeared in the photograph. She was dressed as if she belonged in the 19th century. Later on, Jacalyn was told that this whimsical ghost used to have fun by wandering through the big halls of the casino.

The mirror inside Northern Lights Casino

There is more to casino visits than you’d expect. Discover these true ghost stories and get all the paranormal facts.

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