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The rules of Extreme 21

the rules of extreme 21

Here is a very interesting Blackjack variant called Extreme 21. The main difference it has to regular Blackjack is that the players have to play one at a time and the dealer has to keep hitting until he beats the player or goes bust in the process. It also has a couple more rules which are aimed at giving the player an advantage.


  1. Different numbers of decks are used but the usual number is 6.
  2. Players will play versus the dealer one at a time. They will have to take turns playing.
  3. To start things off the player has to make a bet.
  4. When all the players have made their bets the dealer will hand one card to each of the players.
  5. Then the dealer will deal another card to each of the players and himself one up card.
  6. Hitting a blackjack has no real importance and it is treated like any other 21 point total. Because of this the dealer does not need to take a hole card.
  7. All of the cards have the same values that they do in regular Blackjack. Cards 2 through 9 are counted at their face value, tens and face cards all count as 10 and aces counts as 11 unless they would bust that particular hand, in which case they will count as 1.
  8. You can double on any number of cards, including after you’ve already split. Additionally the player can hit and double again even after he’s doubled once.
  9. You can split the first two cards if they happen to have the same point value. You can split an unlimited number of times, except when you have aces, in which case you can only split once.
  10. If a player manages to get exactly to 21 he is an automatic winner and will be paid 1 to 1 immediately.
  11. If the player does not bust or reach exactly 21 the dealer will have to play out his hand by hitting until he busts or manages to beat the player. If for example a player stands on 17 the dealer must hit until he either has 18 or more or until he busts.
  12. When the player splits the dealer will be forced to play against both of those hands individually, beginning with the same face-up card in each hand.
  13. A player who has won will receive a win of 1 to 1.

Rule Variants

  1. A popular variant is to only allow players to double on their first two cards only, including after splitting.
  2. Another variants allows you to double on any number of cards, including after splitting, but you can’t redouble afterwards.

There are plenty of other variants for the rules of this game which you can try for yourself. But most casinos will offer just these 2 variations of the rules so if you want something else you should play it with your friends.

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