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The rules of 7-14-21

The rules of 7-14-21

This is a game that first came out around the summer of 2011 in a few select casinos in the US. The game can't really be compared to any other games due to its unique combination of rules. The closest games to it would be Pai Gow Poker and Blackjack. You can learn the game rather easily and the pace at which it is played is pretty slow. If you're looking for an easy game where your money can last for a long time 7-14-21 might be the right game for you.


  1. You will require a single 52-card deck to play the game with.
  2. All of the cards are scored just like in the game of Blackjack.
  3. To start things off the player has to make three equal bets plus an optional Bonus Bet if he so wishes.
  4. The players and the dealer will all receive six cards.
  5. Now the players get the opportunity to split their hand into three 2-card hands, which will be titled 7, 14 and 21.
  6. The main purpose of each of these hands is to get as close to the indicated number of points without going over it.
  7. When the players are done setting their hands the dealer will set his according to a special house way that they use.
  8. Now all of the hands will be compared between the player and the dealer. The one closer to the number for that particular hand will win. If both of them go over the point limit, the dealer will win the hand.
  9. Any win for the player will pay him even money for each of the three bets that he made at the start of the game. Any ties between the player and the dealer will have the bets pushed to the next round.
  10. In the rare event that the player manages to get a "perfect hand", meaning exactly 7, 14 and 21 points for each of the hands, he will automatically be paid 4 to 1 on all three wagers, regardless of what cards the dealer had.


The rack cards suggest that the following strategy should be used. This is the priority order for these decisions:

  1. Try to bust as few hands as possible if you can. Pay close attention to your cards before deciding where to place what card.
  2. Try to maximize the value of the "7" hand.
  3. Next you should focus on maximizing the value of the "14" hand as much as possible.
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