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The parallel between Love and Blackjack

the parallel between love and blackjack

From an economic and financial standpoint, it is usually believed that men are more prone to taking high risks, as opposed to women. In our own lives we see this happening all the time. I mean, think about all the times you’ve seen a woman coming out of the betting establishment. Probably never!

This rule also applies to the job market. Women are less likely to earn as much as a man, even though they may have the same competences, or even better. The fact is that men are risk-takers more often than women are and this also impacts their bargaining skills at the wage raising discussion with the boss or supervisor.

If men are the predetermined risk-takers, asking for better salaries, bigger gains, and ultimately betting on higher stakes, how does love mix into this situation?

Personally, and speaking out of experience, it seems that men are more likely to gambler higher stakes at a game of chance such as Blackjack, while women would most often not even be tempted to play at all. This trend does not apply to relationships and the stability or lack thereof that two partners can extend to each other.

Unlike the excitement that comes from a good Blackjack hand, the certainty that you will win the pot, a relationship that has lasted quite a few good years is not any less likely to dissolve due to the lack of risk taking men are used to when it comes to relationships.

The question then becomes: Why are men comfortable in betting that $1000 on one Blackjack hand and not on the possibility of a good relationship becoming better and continuing for another 10 years?

The simple answer is that men prefer younger women just as they could prefer playing Blackjack over any other game that lacks excitement and the promise of a big win.

Another good question is how do we level out the field so that women also see the value in risk-taking, and more specifically, for example, wagering on a game of Blackjack instead of worrying about their relationships?

We may not have all the answers but one thing is certain; women will actually take higher risks in love than they would in a gambling game, while the reverse is true for men. Perhaps one reason is the economic status in which women are paid less perhaps because they ask for less, and men gamble because they are confident in their skills and a high chance of winning.

Blackjack definitely comes out the winner in all this, regardless of women choosing to wager or not, because no one can deny the fact that this game is truly exciting and if you learn it well you can go home with quite a hefty payout.

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