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The myths of slots

the myths of slots

We’ve all heard stories from veteran gamblers in which they complain about an unlucky run on a slot machine. Just when they finished playing a different person walked up to that machine, pushed the spin button and then hit a huge jackpot. While stories like this sound amazing, it is not guaranteed that had he stayed on that particular machine he would have gotten the same outcome. In order for that to happen, he would have had to press the button at exactly the same time as that other person. One second earlier or later and the Random Number Generator would have picked a different result. So, staying on a slot machine a bit longer before you give up is just a myth.

There are a lot of myths and fallacies which surround slot machine based games. Read on to find out some of the most common false notions that people believe about slot machines. Even though a lot of people find it hard to believe, playing on a single machine for an entire month would still not guarantee that you could hit a jackpot.

You can’t know the odds of winning a slot game just by checking the number of symbols on each wheel. A while ago there were a lot of stories where different people would be able to identify the odds by calculating the number of symbols. For example, a slot with three wheels and 20 symbols on each reel would mean that a win would happen 1 in every 8000 spins. That is just a fallacy; the RNG would pick up a random number every single time.

Modern machines are all electronically programmed. Therefore it is completely impossible for anyone to predict the time where the slot would hit the jackpot or even offer a small payout. The machines can’t even tell between a small bet and a big bet, so betting big will also not influence your odds of winning.

Casinos can’t influence your win either. A lot of people talk about the fact that casinos can track your moves. This is true but it is limited to controlling fraud from occurring and does not influence your chances of winning in any way. If you are worried about such things check for the certified seal provided by eCOGRA. If a machine has this seal, no one can control the spins. The machine will control everything and the RNG will pick up a number randomly every single spin.

Some players will even say that playing in a crowded casino is more beneficial. They think that they have a bigger chance of hitting a jackpot because the number of spins on each machine is increased. But this again does not mean that a jackpot will occur.

So if you ever want to start playing slot machines seriously, keep all of these myths in mind and try not to fall for any of their fallacies. Most of them are just crazy ideas coming from frustrated players who think they can see behind the veil.

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