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The "gamifying" of Poker

The "gamifying" of Poker

Poker experts are trying to come up with new ideas of attracting players to the game of Poker. Mason Malmuth who is the owner and publish of Two plus Two poker forum, said one of his best ideas are game theoretic optimal strategies that should come into No Limit Hold’em.

"No Limit Hold'em is very susceptible to it. And the reason for that is you get a lot of heads-up pots in No Limit Hold'em, especially in the six max and shorter games. So one of the ways to fix that is to bring back more Limit Hold'em, where you tend to get more multi-way pots, and games like seven-card stud." said Malmuth.

Bryce Paradis and Douglas Zare from Stoxpoker.com said that if played with the optimal strategy, players can get the highest possible expected value as long as their opponent chooses the best counter-strategy possible. They had this to say: "In a game of rock-paper-scissors, the GTO strategy is to choose randomly from an equal distribution of paper, scissors and rocks. As a result, you must play paper, scissors and rocks with equal frequency to guarantee 1/2 equality against all strategies."

In the meantime Malmuth also talked about whether pro players should be prevented from joining smaller poker games. "We're not against professional players doing well playing poker. I mean, that's how, my roots go back to that myself. But we also feel that there needs to be a proper balance in luck and skill in Poker, and we think it's gone out of whack, particularly on the Internet with the No Limit Hold'em games, and we think that's a long-term bad for the future of poker."

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