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The challenges of illegal gambling

the challenges of illegal gambling

Online gambling is still illegal in South Africa, which has led to a lot of illegal sties operating in the country without any clear enforcement or control. The Department of Trade and Industry say that this is a very problematic issue for them and efforts to stop these illegal operators have been in vain.

In 2010 their gambling review commission gave a recommendation that online gambling should be legalized urgently in order to offer direct and legal competition to all of the illegal sites. But in 2011 this ruling was deemed illegal by the Supreme Court of Appeal. They objected to legalizing online gambling claiming that they feel the industry can’t be adequately controlled.

Now they are trying to organize a seminar to raise awareness of illegal online gambling. This seminar was attended by regulators, banks, academics, policy-makers, consultants, counselors, lawyers and other specialists in the field of gambling.

Chief director of Policy and Legislation at the Department, MacDonald Netshitenzhe had this to say: “There are a number of challenges that make it impossible to control and combat illegal gambling in the country. One major challenge is that South Africa has no control over borderless activities of other countries. Our main task as policy makers is to come up with strategies that will make it easy for all stakeholders involved to fight these challenges.”

It would seem that the state is completely against online gambling so illegal gambling sites will just keep raking in money until they see it fit to put a stop to it. When will they learn that banning things like these only creates an entire illegal market that will offer that service to the people who still want it, no matter the legal implications.

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