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Terminator 2 slot game review

Terminator 2 slot game review

Terminator 2 online slot game is the movie-based game. This game is interesting offering from Microgaming, which is dedicated to making high-paying slot machine online games. This game cashes the popularity of the one-of-its-kind movie that won fans in astronomical numbers all around the world. It offers varied stakes ranging from 30p to £30 a spin and is made quite engaging by providing more than two thousand ways of making money. This Terminator 2 online slot review gives you complete information on what this game is all about and what is in store for you at the end of the game.

Important features of Terminator 2 online slot

This game offers 5 reels and can be won by following around 240 unique ways. The game is based on 1991 Hollywood Blockbuster which had numerous memorable moments and dialogues like ‘Hasta la Vista Baby’ that floored one and all by the presentation style. The slot game runs on the story line of this movie which displays how Arnie is sent back through time machine to protect John who is considered a threat to machine world when he grows up.

So, this slot game makes use of famous animations and soundtracks along with important characters which were high points of this movie. It has an amazing feature T-800 which allows you to scan important characters and win cash rewards. Then, there is T-1000 feature that fetches you highest cash prize and therefore is scanned the last.

Third interesting feature is 10 free spins. Free spin allows you to win 2950 times your stake. Challenge in this game lies in the fact that you cannot win actually more than 50 times your stake though the best player is supposed to have crossed the figure of 200 times.

Terminator slots free online games have a start where players get free spins. These spins allow you to activate T-800 feature. Here you can copy the action of terminator where he scans for targets. When you scan high end character symbols, price for which is intimated you at the start, you get to win numerous cash rewards of varying values.

Other basic features of Terminator 2 online slot

It is a video slot kind of game. It is a five reel game and it has 243 paylines which allow you to take 1024 chances for winning cash rewards. You will be provided 30 coins whose value ranges from 0.3 GBP to 30 GBP. You also have Jackpot to win which amounts GBP 1500.

Engagement value of Terminator 2 online slot

Terminator 2 is quite an interesting online slot game. It does have lots of high cash prizes but the occurrence of such amazing points is not so often. You may need to use lots of coins to get the yielding spins.

Metallic overlays on the reels and symbols and also, the presence of variety of robotic animations enhance the look and feel of this game. There are scatter and bonus symbols which are based on the theme of Time Travel Orb. These scatter symbols are spun again and again till the time massive free bonus games are arrived at.

Game planners have conceived Jackpot payouts too for keeping the engagement level high. These Jackpot payouts are available on free spin bonus game feature.

Where to play

Terminator 2 online slot is available on all major online casino games sites. These gaming sites have mobile apps too. Some of the gaming sites do not require you paying deposit amounts too. There are various enticing features like 1000 GBP to 1200 GBP bonus prizes offered on the online casino sites.

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