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Table games and card counting

table games and card counting

Every gambling connoisseur has heard about card counting. Some people have even been in trouble with the law for being too good at it. And, although not an illegal strategy, card counting is frowned upon at casino tables. Besides all that, card counting is pretty darn hard and not everyone can boast to being able to do it right.

If you want to become better at playing casino table games you could learn a few tips and tricks to make the transition easier, but still, knowing the base rules for the game of chance of your choosing is a very important detail that should never be overlooked. The danger is that you might become too confident in your counting skills and actually experience a big bust. Not good for your psyche or your bottom line so listen up.

Card counting requires great memorizing skills, mental acuity for retaining a great amount of numbers, and also some reasonable acting talent so that your opponents don’t catch onto your game. More than this, card counting is only truly helpful when you play hours and hours without relenting, since the advantage it brings overall is of about 0.5% to 1.5% over the competition.

Card counting does provide one advantage that most other players will miss: it allows you to break regular strategies and go wild on the wins when the deck contains more 10 and Ace value cards. It follows that when you’re able to determine if the deck is Ace-rich, you should definitely bet more and higher. Conversely, you should be more conservative with the amounts you bet because the house has the edge.

Since card counting is not particularly welcomed by casinos it will take real restraint to not bet high when you know you’re going to have the winning hand. All-in-all this technique is one of the hardest ones to harness so be careful, keep it cool, and definitely keep your bets simple.

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