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Table Etiquette around the Blackjack Table

Table Etiquette around the Blackjack Table

When playing inside of a casino there is a certain etiquette that you have to follow if you want to have a good time and make sure that you don’t upset anyone. While it’s true that most casinos won’t want to lose your patronage over a small thing, if you get too rowdy or rude they will not hesitate to throw you out. That is why you should learn a few basic rules before stepping into a casino to assure your fun and that of the players around you. You don’t want to be “that guy” now do you? So here are a few quick tips on how to improve your etiquette when around a Blackjack table.

Be Gracious

Whether you’re winning or losing, just take the cards as they are. Keep in mind that the dealer is not the enemy, he’s just doing his job. You wouldn’t blame a person working a cash register for the prices of the things in your shopping cart. The dealer is not cheating in order to empty out your bank account. If anything, he wants you to win because it means you might tip better. Don’t curse, be a humble winner and keep telling yourself that it’s just a game.

Pick up the Pace

Don’t be afraid of joining a Blackjack table if you don’t fully understand the rules; dealers are pretty used to helping out beginner. Despite all of that, you should not have to check your strategy card every time it is your turn. Other players are waiting in line and it is bad etiquette to stretch your turn beyond a certain limit. You can try playing some online Blackjack at first to familiarize yourself with the game before stepping foot in a casino.

Keep your Advice to Yourself

This applies to other games as well, in general casino games attract know-it-alls. No matter how well-intended you think you are or how useful your advice might be, other players generally don’t want to hear it. If they take your advice and lose, there are going to be bad feelings in the midst. So just try to keep your wisdom to yourself.

Don’t Touch the Bet

Some people can’t resist this one, but in general you should avoid touching your bet after you have placed it. This is just a quick way to get some unwanted attention from security that is always looking out for such activities.

Order your Chips properly

When you place a bet, your chips should be stacked with the smallest denomination of the top. If you put the biggest value chip on top, most dealers will rearrange things for you, thus slowing down the game for everyone involved. This policy is used to prevent cheaters from adding a high-value chip to their wager after the hand is finished, so don’t attract any unwanted attention by doing this.

Keep Cash Out of the Betting Box

Most modern casinos will refuse to accept cash bets even though some old-fashion gambling halls still allow this practice. If you find yourself in such a place, try not to keep your cash in the betting box as it will only cause confusion for the dealer.

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