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Surprising source for improving your poker game

surprising source for improving your poker game

Not every book written by a famous astronaut can boast to give great Poker game improving advice. An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth is mainly about Chris Hadfield’s experience, but, for the keen reader and avid Poker player some amazing tips can come out of it that perhaps other people would not pick up on.

In dissecting the book, Lee Davy has picked up on a few amazing tips on improving anyone’s poker strategies. Of course, some of them are rather general, but so is life, and so are most experiences; most people live through the same similar events but appreciate them differently.

Seeing as he is the first Canadian into space, as how when he witnessed the TV broadcast of Armstrong walking on the moon, in a time when Canadians just did not walk on the moon, it is an amazing thing that Chris has managed to get where he’s wanted to since the tender age of 9. The lesson here: Become a better you with each passing day.

As Chris mentioned after seeing Armstrong on TV “At that moment I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I knew, with absolute clarity - I wanted to be an astronaut.” This “absolute clarity” is hard to come by, yes, but if a person does not try to move past their limitations they might as well have never tried to figure out anything about life at all.

Thus, what you do every single day will prepare you for becoming the person you want to be. This applies to all gamblers: if you want to become better you practice; if you want to understand the game better, study; if you want to win, play harder, play smarter.

One of the most preached ideas in the world of self-improvement is “multi-tasking”. Although some evidence point the other way, as Chris states about fellow astronauts’ skills “On the Soyuz, there’s simply no room to fly someone whose main contribution is expertise in a single area” so too a serious player must consider gaining knowledge about other variants of Poker if he wants to be above the crowd.

Reading the book will surely not make you a master gambler but it will impart a few hard-earned life lessons that are sure to provide some insight into your gaming skills.

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