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Strategies for Roulette tourneys

strategies for roulette tourneys

A good player is one who knows the rules of the chosen game of chance. A great player is one who knows the rules of all games similar to their game of choice and practices each day to perfect his skills. An excellent player is one who not only understands the game, knows the rules, and has an insurmountable amount of hours behind him, but is also one that strategizes effectively.

Regardless at what level of skill or experience you find yourself to be, one thing should be kept in mind when venturing to play roulette cash games: you can get stuck at receiving the same payout over and over again.

In regular Roulette games you have two big change factors: the losing odds and the winning payout. If chances of winning are low then your payout % will be appropriate enough to have things even out. Still, Roulette tournaments are another thing altogether and there are a lot more variables that can influence your betting strategies and winning odds.

Certain tournaments have their own rules pertaining to what bets get what payouts and it all comes down to how risky those bets really are to make. When playing roulette it might be a good idea to take into consideration some risk-based strategies so that you don’t end up without a bankroll and not know where it all went.

A good scenario, that perhaps some of you have faced, is one in which you find yourself in a tournament, facing only one opponent and having a pre-determined number of spins you are allowed to play. Of course once the spins run out the victor is the player with the most chips left. It then follows that the losing player will be out and you take the prize.

In this kind of situation, where let’s say you started out with 1000 chips and amassed 2000, while your opponent has only 100 chips left, it’s easy to place a 100 chip bet on red rather than a 2000 chip bet on red. Why would you go out of your way to bankrupt yourself with only one bet?

Overall, your opponent is already looking at low winning odds since he cannot gain much more from betting those 100 chips. If you do like risk and bet the whole 2000 chips, then you’re actually giving your opponent another try at beating you since the odds will even out to 50/50 since you’re risking your whole bankroll just to show off.

The whole point of this example is for you to realize that in a tournament, where the purpose is to eliminate the other players and remain with the highest number of chips, it’s not necessarily important to focus on raising your chip count as it is to pay attention to what your opponents are doing and by trying to beat them out as a group. The scope is to maximize your chances so that no matter whether you win or lose you will still have a safe chip count compared to the other players.

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