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Strange casino games you probably didn't know about

Strange casino games you probably didn't know about

Whoever said that casino games are not hilarious obviously did not take the time to read about these four completely strange and out of place games.

Imagine you are home, getting ready for your best night at the casino. You wear your finest clothes because, of course, a winner must have the attitude and the look appropriate to the task at hand.

You feel confident and excited to start your gamble, then you approach a table and your eyes open wide because you cannot believe what you are seeing. Just for fun you decide to place a bet, and let the best man or woman, win.

Yes, it is a mystery how the following games got to infiltrate on the casino list, but read on and we promise to deliver a chuckle.

Roulette for Rodents?

Yep, apparently rodents of all families and genders are very involved in playing roulette. It is not known if they have learned to win yet or if they actually even know the rules of the game, but surely they have caused some grief to confident players at certain times.

To give a concrete example, we researched some about Gerbil Roulette. Yeah, Gerbil Roulette! Let’s write it one more time, for comedic effect… Gerbil Roulette. It is impossible not to laugh out loud at the simple mention of the game’s name. Now, can you guess how this game is played? With the help of a gerbil of course.

Roulette for Rodents - Casino Game

To make it comfortable for the gerbil, the roulette wheel is accessorized with several numbered boxes, placed on the outer spokes. The gerbil sits calmly in a box at the center of the wheel. The wheel is spun, the terrified gerbil is released and after fumbling around it finally decides which numbered box it wants to hide in.

We’re guessing the inventors, who obviously may have had some drinks under their belt when they came up with this genius idea of a game, did not consider the simple fact that the poor gerbil might be too dizzy from spinning and it might simply decide to stay put right there in the center of the roulette wheel. “Hm, I wonder what’s wrong with this gerbil, it’s not moving!”

Bird Bets in Belgium

Nope, this game is not about flipping the bird. Instead, we were very intrigued to find out gamblers in Belgium employ a pretty outlandish custom. Well, outlandish to the rest of us. Here’s how it goes. You’ve got birds, you’ve got cages. You’ve got birds in cages. Ideally these birds can sing and the bettors place a bet on the bird they believe will sing the longest song. We haven’t played this game so we imagine it must be, at some point, a waiting game.

Bird bets in Belgium - Casino Game

What happens when the birds don’t feel like singing? Can you imagine the struggle of those gamblers? “Hey, have you guys fed the birds today?” or “Crap, I think I bet on the old bird again. Man, they all look the same!”

You’re chicken!

Ever head of that chicken that travels around casinos collecting cash? No, we’re not talking about a burglar named Chicken.

Ginger, as she likes to be called, is anything but ginger when it comes to winning a bet. With a high stake of $10,000, our famous chicken doesn’t just cluck about. If you dare “play chicken” with this notorious bird, make sure you know the rules of Noughts and Crosses very well, otherwise you might just end up going to bed with the chickens.

You are Chicken - Casino Game

We were not able to find the origin of such a game, but we were wondering, who was it that managed to teach this chicken how to write? “No, no Ginger, that’s a zero!”, “No, that’s an x”, “Hey, which one of you guys showed her how to do a 1? Damn it man, now we have to start from scratch!”

Good luck to all you fun-loving players!

Back to Basics

War is definitely not the typical game we were expecting to find raising dust at a casino table. We are willing to bet that each of us has played this game in their childhood years. Very fun indeed, this is a play for the thrill kind of game with two players dealing out a card and the highest card to win. Collecting the deck will pronounce you a winner.

Casino War Game

Sure, this is definitely not the most sophisticated game out there, but it is for sure a surprise factor and perhaps even a breath of fresh air in comparison with more heavier gambling endeavors. Now, some questions remain: “Can I play in my pajamas?”, “Does the game come with milk and cookies?”, “If I get sleepy, can we finish this game later?

We laughed out loud tracking down these bizarre casino games but we’re not sure if we would actually have the guts to place a wager. The best bet is to wait and see what you all have to say after trying them out.

Particularly, we’d like to know if the gerbil developed any kind of balance disorder.

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