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South Africa and online casinos

south africa and online casinos

People who enjoy gambling and live in South Africa will have some unpleasant surprises in the future. The current political caste is still adamant in their refusal to include casinos and poker games into their legislation. While sports betting is legal it would seem that casino games and poker are too much for them to accept in their thriving society. No matter what the Democratic Alliance party have tried to do in convincing them otherwise, the African National Congress will not sway on their decision.

Their main problem is with online casinos and poker websites which are from outside their country. They feel that they are responsible for 5% of the land based industries suffering a decline in the last few years. To counter-act this they are establishing a disciplinary task team which will create strategies which are meant to block illegal gambling operators. I wish them the best of luck in their quest since there are already over 2000 sites and operators bringing poker and casinos to South African gamblers.

Another point they are trying to make through this is that there is also a lot of shady business going on. They stated that there is a lot of illegal gambling going on in the country, and most of it is done by outside sources. It seems that trying to bring a law in favour of gambling bill be a steep uphill battle with South African regulators.

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