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Sometimes a slot game can save a life

sometimes a slot game can save a life

A West Germany gambler that had hit a losing streak was saved from going to prison when he hit the slot machine jackpot.

The man actually had an arrest warrant in his name and was one step from going to prison last week when he was playing a slots machine as a last resort to earn some money. The man from Bochum was identified by two officers that were doing routine checks in the area. As soon as they realized the man was wanted under warrant the police officers approached him.

What happened next was straight out of a movie scene. The man, 37 years of age, was wanted for failing to pay a €710 fine. He was either to pay the fine or face a 71 day sentence in jail. The fine was ordered because the man had resisted an arrest in the past.

The police corroborated the story and stated that as they were about to take him away in hand-cuffs, the machine started to light up in the jackpot-style that a slot machine often exhibits and “the face of the […] man also started beaming all of a sudden.”

The jackpot won had a value of €1000 which immediately covered the fine and allowed the man to regain his freedom. The fine, of course, was paid in coins, which must not have been very comfortable for the two policemen.

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