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Some more popular Poker variations

Some more popular Poker variations

Here for your enjoyment are more Poker variations which you can enjoy in multiple casinos all around the world.


This one is also known as High Chicago and it is a seven card stud game in which the pot will be split between the highest hand and the highest spade in the hole. Spades which are face up do not count, so for example let’s say that the ace of spades is dealt face up, the king of spades in the hole will surely win half the pot.

Cards will be dealt just like in regular seven card stud: two of them face down, four cards face up and the last card will be placed face down. This game has five betting rounds: one after each round of face up cards and one after the final card has been dealt. All of these betting rounds will start off with the player with the highest hand showing.

When the final betting round is over all of the active players will have to declare whether they are going for the highest spade, the highest hand or both of them. A player who declares both of them will only win if he is holding both the highest spade and the highest hand. You can declare this either in sequence, starting to the left of the dealer or simultaneously by using chips.

You need a face down spade in order to be eligible to win the spade half of the pot. Without this you can’t declare spade and win, no matter if the other players are going for the high hand win.

Follow the Queen

This is another variation on the game of seven card stud but the main difference is that when a queen is dealt face up, the next card dealt face up and the other three cards that have the same rank will become will for all of the players. For example if a player gets a Queen face up and the player next to him is dealt a seven face up all of the sevens are wild from now on. When another queen is dealt face up, the previous wild card will be cancelled and the next face up card after the queen will become wild now. If the last face up card which is dealt is a queen, there will be no wild card.

The Bitch

The Bitch in this seven card stud variation is the queen of spades. When the queen of spades is dealt face up, the dealing and the betting will stop at once and all the cards will be throw in and shuffled. After this is done a new deal which involves only the players who are still in the game when the queen of spades came up will start. When the showdown starts the player with the highest hand will split the pot with the player who has the queen of spades in the hole. In case the queen of spades was not dealt to begin with the high hand will win the pot.

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