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Slot Tournaments and how they work

slot tournaments and how they work

If you’re a regular gambler you might have seen some roped-off areas in which a lot of people are furiously tapping the spin buttons on slot machines. If at first you thought this is just some weird ritual that slot game enthusiast follow you would be mistaken. They are actually just playing in a slot tournament.

These types of tournaments are very popular amongst slot machine players because they offer a sense of camaraderie with other players who share the same love for slot machines. Most of them will also offer cash prizes, special room rates and sometimes even more. Some casinos will even give you a special tournament package which includes a welcome party, an awards banquet, raffles and even door prizes.

The main attraction of this type of tournament is that it’s easier to keep track of how much you are spending since most of these tournaments have a set entry fee. This means that you won’t risk losing large amounts of money because you can only lose this entry fee. These fees can range from very low ($10) to several hundred or sometimes even thousands of dollars. Certain casinos will even offer tournaments which are free to enter. These are used as a way of attracting new players to casinos and people who aren’t willing to spend a lot of money on their hobby of gambling.

You don’t even have to be a very experienced casino player in order to enjoy a slot tournament. The rules for most of them are fairly simple, here is how they work. All of the slot machines will have a predetermined number of credits to start with. Your main object as a player is to use up all of these credits and get as many points as possible in the given time limit.

The most common format used is to give all players 1000 credits each and 20 minutes to play them. Every time you will tap the spin button, the maximum amount of credits (normally around three credits) will be deducted from your starting credits. All of the credits that you might win will be shown on a separate meter. Any credits that you win cannot be replayed. When the set amount of time is over the machine will lock up and your playtime is over. All credits that have not been played will be lost. This is mainly why you will see people furiously hitting that spin button; they’re just trying to use up all of their credits on that particular machine as fast as humanly possible.

When you are done playing you will have to wait for the official responsible for that tournament to come and record your score. In most casinos you will only find handful of machines which are reserved for this type of event. When everybody is done your winning credit meter will be compared with those of the other players and then the winner of the tournament will finally be determined.

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