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Slot machine odds

When it comes to the time you invest in your leisure activities, you’ve got to aim for the best. The best online slots of course! Our proposal is this: the best kind of fun is the one that can also boost your income. And in order to do so, you must first learn the slot machine odds. Because, after all, there’s no sense in trying to win if you don’t know your odds, right? It would be like going against Mike Tyson in a fight – you know you’d lose so it’s best if you just move on.

What are the odds, after all?

everybody wins at online slots

Ok, let’s start with some very basic inf0o, shall we? The odds of you hitting a winning combo in today’s online slots are very much depending on how the reels are set up. For example studies show that your chances of hitting the jackpot are 1 to 64 on just one reel. Thus, the chances of hitting the jackpot on all three reels of the same slot are of 1 in 262,144.

Kind of seems like a longshot, doesn’t it? It is! Games of chance are exactly what they sound like – up to luck.

While some land-based casinos use the blank-space technique, online casinos cannot.

Don’t know what the blank-space technique is? Allow us to school you.

The blank space is the white space on the reels, in between symbols. Sometimes when a player spins the reels of a physical slot machine the reels stop on one of those blank spaces.

Has it ever happened to you for the reels to stop exactly above or just under the jackpot symbol? You probably thought that was accidental, didn’t you? Well, sometimes it is, but sometimes it’s not.

The blank space technique is “fixing” the slot machine to stop on the blank space right above or under the jackpot symbol so that the player can live under the impression that he just barely missed the jackpot. This gives players the incentive they need to keep on playing thinking that their lucky break is right around the corner.

technique in online casinos

Payback percentages

Also, a slot machine is programmed to payout a certain amount. And since slot machines function on money that you, the players, put in, what they’re doing when paying out is basically paying you back. Let’s call this the payback percentage.

pokies games

If for example a slot machine has $100 and offers a 90% payout, winners can only win a maximum of $90, regardless of the amount of money they put in. this means that that specific casino takes 10% out of all winnings, and that is how they basically survive.

Given that all payback percentages are under 100% (and they all are, of course!), the expression “winning your money back” is an overstatement.

Payouts vs. gambling jurisdictions

Most gambling jurisdictions require that slot payback percentages must be above a specific level – usually around 75%. Of course, this percentage is much higher in casinos, due to close competition – often ranging between 94% and 97%.

No casino wants to lose its players due to a low payout rate, which is why they make their payback percentage as common as possible and lure in clients through other means: services or promotions in the case of land-based casinos, or graphics and popular games in the case of online ones.

Popular myths

  1. Slots machines that are ready to pay!

    Machines don’t payout more the longer you play, as you are probably inclined to believe. According to standard systems based on which online slots operate, the idea of a machine that is “ready to pay” is only a fantasy created by a thirsty-to-win player.

  2. Rigged online slots

    Although the payout percentage “help” slot machines win in the long run, the notion of rigged online slots is purely fictional. Online casinos already operate by using big money and will most likely not stoop so low as to trick certain players into losing what-is-to-them an insignificant amount, only for the thrill of it. Online gambling laws are strict and no casino would risk losing their operating license for such a small amount.

  3. Only slots with reels pay out

    You’ve all heard of video slots, right? Truth is – they’re exactly the same as classic slots, the ones with the levers and the reels, only improved graphically. This created quite a lot of controversy when video slots were first released, because players were very distrustful of them – they only wanted to play slots that had reels, stating that if they can’t see the reels spinning – it must be a trick.

    Sometimes, online casinos hang on to the classic “reels and levers” look so that players can still feel in control of their game and their money’s fate.

    Nowadays, online casinos feature both types of machines: with the graphical representation of reels and levers, and video slots with beautiful themes and symbols, so that players can choose their own.

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