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Slot licenses you might never see

slot licenses you might never see

In the last couple of years we have seen an outpour of online slot games based on recent films or television releases. For example we have Microgaming who have created a lot of games based on their film or TV licenses – such as Jurassic Park, The Dark Knight Rises, and Terminator 2 slot machines. They’ve also produced games based on Battlestar Galactica and HBO’s widely popular Game of Thrones series. Here are some of the licenses we would like to see turned into a game.

The Wolf of Wall Street Online Slot

Who didn’t enjoy this fun filled romp through the world of financial shenanigans featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Martin Scorsese. It would make an excellent slot machine given its mature oriented source material. The infamous scene with the person of slight stature with which the movie starts could be one of its bonus games.

House of Cards Online Slot

This Netflix hit show starring Kevin Spacey as a corrupt politician working his way up the political ladder has had a very successful run until now. So it only makes sense that they should make a gambling game out of it. Besides the obvious parts like making symbols out of characters faces you could have some interesting animations. The jackpot could feature Kevin Spacey’s character becoming the president of the USA.

Sadly we are unlikely to see these made into slots anytime soon. Usually licenses from successful movies or shows like these are given up for slot games further down the line. We might see them come to fruition but no one knows when.

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