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Skill-based gambling next up

Skill-based gambling next up

September has seen the launch of Chopcoin, a multi-player online gambling platform that breaks the norms of how gambling is usually viewed.

The game presents a new player with an orb that he or she gets to move around on the screen while taking over other, weaker orbs, or splitting into other orbs. This arcade-style game is interesting enough to capture thousands of players into its action, and yet simple enough that anyone can play.

The players can continue playing as long as they are not eaten up by a bigger orb. The point is for the player to swallow only smaller sized orbs or other smaller sized players. If a player's orb gets consumed by a bigger orb then they lose the game. If a player tries consuming other orbs that are bigger than their own, they will again lose.

The advantage of such a game is that you base your game-play purely on skill. This is not in any way a game of chance. One of the founders of the game states that "on Chopcoin players have to act for themselves and decide what to do next. Most other Bitcoin gambling sites depend solely on the luck of the next generated number or card or slot result."The winning player takes the pot minus the tiny royalties that go straight to the 6 founding members.

The game looks simple enough but several variables are thrown in once and orb starts growing bigger, such as extra weight which cause the player to move slower, thus allowing other, smaller orbs to escape their grasp.

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