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The rules of Money$uit 31

The rules of Money$uit 31

Here we have a rather new and interesting game which just debuted at the start of January 2015. You can't really compare it to other games because it has a pretty unique set of rules. If you had to the closest thing would be Blackjack and it also has a raise/fold decision like you would see in Poker-based games. The main object is to combine the point values of multiple suited cards to get a hand total of 17 or highers. Suits also matter and there is a special Money$uit which will be determined by the roll of two custom dice.


  1. A single 52-card deck will be used for this game.
  2. All of the cards have the same scoring like in Blackjack, except that the aces will always be considered 11.
  3. To start things off the players will have to make an Ante wager and an optional Natural 31 side bet.
  4. Now the dealer will also roll two dice to determine what the Money$uit is. One die has a black and a red suit (for example hearts and spades) while the other die will show either "Black" or "Red".
  5. Now the dealer will give each player three cards face down and one Draw card face down.
  6. After he has seen his cards, the player will have to either make a Play wager which must be equal to his Ante wager or fold.
  7. Now the dealer will expose the player's first three cards and resolve the Natural 31 side wager.
  8. In order to determine the number of points that a player is holding, the dealer will combine cards that have the same suit. The suit which results in the greatest number of points will determine the value of the player's hand.
  9. Now the dealer will also turn over the Draw card and resolve the Ante and Play wagers.
  10. Sometimes all four cards will have the same suit. In this situation the player can only use three of those cards to form his point total.
  11. There are also some special payouts for a three of a kind and a Money$uit Mini Royal (suited ace-king-queen of the Money$uit).
  12. The player will also be paid depending on whether the suit of his greatest number of points is the same as the Money$uit. If the player happens to have two suits which result in the same number of points, and one of them matches the Money$uit, the player will be deemed to have matched the Money$uit.
  13. The Ante bet will pay even money for any Play bet win, otherwise it will push or lose just like the Play bet.
  14. Just like stated above, the Natural 31 bet will only pay based on the value of the player's original three cards.
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