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Roulette Express

roulette express

Roulette Express is a variation of the classic game of Roulette which was created by Gamesys N.V. The game features one wheel and three balls. Players have the option to bet on an individual ball or parlay bets which involve all three balls. Roulette express actually has three versions which I will explain further along.

The rules are pretty much the same as conventional Roulette, the main exception being that there are three balls. All three of these balls will always land on three different numbers. Here are the two types of bets you can make:

  • Single-ball bets - This means three bets for each of the balls. Each of these bets will win or lose depending on the associated ball only. A player’s wager will be automatically divided into three. If you would bet $3 on red you would actually be betting $1 on red for each of the balls. The chip denominations will be appropriately evenly divisible by three.
  • Express bets - This type of bet depends on all three balls winning. If for example you would bet on red, in order to win you would need all three balls to land on red. You can also bet on a Straight, meaning that all three numbers must be consecutive, for example 0-1-2 or 32-33-34. The other type of bet is Neighbours, where all three numbers must be adjacent on the wheel.

Standard Roulette Express

This is the most usual variation played in casinos. It is normally played on a single-zero wheel and there is no half-back on any losses if the balls lands on the zero. The odds of single-ball bets are the same as conventional single-zero Roulette and every bet has a standard 1/37 chance of winning.

“No House Edge” Roulette Express

Just like the standard game, this is played on a single-zero wheel. When placing single-ball bets here are the rules:

  • Single-number bets pay 36 to 1, instead of the usual 35 to 1 standard.
  • If the ball lands on zero all other bets will push.
  • You can’t make combination bets which involve a zero.

All of these rules will indeed make the house edge on all straight bets exactly zero. So you should generally stick to single ball and neighbours bets, given that all other bets carry small house edge.

No Zero Roulette Express

Just as the title says, there is no zero in this variant of Roulette Express. The payout is exactly the same as in standard Roulette on straight single-ball bets. You should probably stick to single ball and straight bets, since they truly have no house edge in this variant as well.

While some people might find the fact that this game has three balls sort of confusing, Roulette Express is still a great game and some of its variants actually offer games with no house edge on certain bets.

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