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GatorSlots.com strongly supports responsible gambling.

Responsible gamblers

By covering the succeeding lines, each player will be able to see if they meet the criteria of a responsible gambler, as follows:

  • A responsible gambler sets up a realistic bankroll management;

  • A responsible gambler knows that moderation is the key of a well-balanced gambling experience;

  • A responsible gambler gambles by choice and cannot be influenced or manipulated by other gamblers;

  • A responsible gambler plays online games only for personal entertainment;

  • A responsible gambler understands the risks of gambling and that casinos are more likely to win.

Red flags

Crossing the border from an enjoyable gaming experience to an addictive behavior can happen to anybody and each player should maintain a prudent and equilibrate gaming attitude. Staying responsible can be sometimes overwhelming, so make sure you detain control at all times so that you can prevent the eventual repercussions that might emerge. Read the following questions and if you answer positive to more than 5 of them, you should get in touch with a team of professionals that deal with addiction problems. The questions are the following:

  1. Does it often happen to gamble all of your money?

  2. Do you get a negative feeling after a long gambling session?

  3. Did you manage to form a negative reputation through your gambling style?

  4. Did you ever steal in order to continue your gambling experience?

  5. Are you obsessed by winning back lost money?

  6. Does gambling affects your financial situation?

  7. After a significant loss, do you feel regret?

  8. Do you avoid working or keeping a steady job in order to have more time for gambling?

  9. Have you ever sold any of your personal objects in order to continue fueling your gambling addiction?

  10. Does gambling affect your relationships with family, friends or colleagues?

  11. Have you ever used gambling to celebrate a success or a failure?

  12. Does gambling or your gaming results disturb you during your free time?

  13. Do you use gambling as a main method of avoiding other problems?

  14. Have you felt the need to continue gambling after an impressive win?

  15. Have you ever considered suicide as a consequence of several significant losses?

What to do?

There is no general strategy to follow that can assure you full protection against gambling risks. However, you can respect these two main rules that will keep you safe:

  • Stay informed! Read and learn the games’ rules and their emergent risks before you start playing.

  • Establish a realistic bankroll management and stick to it.

Tips for playing safe

Always remember that casinos will always have a greater advantage and more winning chances than you. However, you will still be able to improve your chances to win, while you are playing safe, just by following the next tips and tricks:

  • Gamble only for as long as you feel comfortable;

  • Set up a financial limit and do not exceed it;

  • Establish a time limit and respect it;

  • Choose to play only on licensed and legal online casinos that are certificated by eCOGRA;

  • Know when to stop the game.

Ask for help

If you are worried that you might develop or have already developed an addictive gambling behavior, please contact the Gamblers Anonymous Association by clicking here and get the help and support you need, immediately.

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