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Presidential hopefuls weigh in on casino industry

presidential hopefuls weigh in on casino industry

The US presidential elections are coming up next year and the candidates are gearing up for their campaigns. Besides all the usual lobbying and campaigning that they have to do, this year gambling might be a more important part of it all than in other years.

Nevada has always been an important state for elections, even more so in 2016 as the casino lobbyists are trying to make sure their industry is also considered important. Geoff Freeman, president of the American Gaming Association sent a letter to all the candidates saying that because Nevada is a key state, presidential hopefuls should recognize the contributions of the state’s most important industry if they want to win there. He urges them to talk to people who understand gaming and to make appearances at gaming parlors.

“As you travel to other key presidential states, you will quickly realize that gaming is no longer a niche, novel industry, but a nationwide, quarter-of-a-trillion-dollar industry that is supporting more than half a million jobs in the key states of Iowa, Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania” Freeman wrote.

More importantly Freeman warned candidates that his group planned to create a voter guide for casino employees so that they can know exactly what the next potential president’s stance is on the industry. The implication is clear, if presidential candidates don’t favor gambling and casinos, the millions of casino workers could have their votes influenced.

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