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Poker tournament rules reloaded

poker tournament rules reloaded

It is of course pertinent that, before signing -up for a Poker tournament, you read the rules properly so that you know what to expect. This year, the Poker Tournament Directors Association has made a few very important to know rule modifications. We’ve chosen the ones that most affect the players and their gameplay.

#2 Player Accountabilities

Because in the past this has been a common sense rule, but most players were not using it out of respect for the opponents, this rule has now officially been implemented into the tourney regulations. Calling for a clock on another player that is taking too long is now a player responsibility and for the game to continue on smoothly a player must assume this role at the expense of looking the bad guy.

#3 Official Terms

Checking is a big issue, especially when the player does not intend for a check but is read that way due to tapping their cards or hands on the table while pondering their options. The rule now clearly states: “players must use gestures with caution when facing action; tapping the table is a check.” Having in officially in the rule book this rule serves as a fair warning to those players than can’t help but fidget with their hands or cards while making others believe they’re calling.

#12 Card Speak at Showdown

The Declarations rule has always been in effect but the “Card Speak at Showdown” clause was included to make sure that there is no gray area when it comes down to errors being made during a showdown. The rule clearly states “Any player in the hand or not, should speak up if he thinks a mistake is being made in reading hands or awarding the pot.”

#13 Tabling Cards and Killing Winning Hands

This rule is meant to protect the players in the eventuality of winning the pot. Make sure you keep a hand or a few fingers on the face up cards, at showdown, so that they are read by the dealer correctly. The rules says “At showdown a player must protect his hand while waiting for it to be read.” A falling card might deprive you from winning the pot, so be careful.

#15 Face up for All-Ins

This rule already existed but has been rewritten to be more explicit. “All hands must be tabled without delay once a player is all-in and all betting action by all other players in the hand is complete. No player who is either all-in or has called all betting action may muck his hand without tabling.” Basically, you must show your hand clear as daylight when an all-in call has been made.

#17 Ask to see a hand

This rule actually presents a major change for the hand. If a player calls then he has the right to see the other player’s hand. If the other player has a weak hand and knows the calling player won, before, he was not obliged to show his hand. The calling player wins and didn’t used to have to show his hand either.

“If there was a ricer bet, any caller has an inalienable right to see the last aggressor’s hand on request provided the caller retains or has tabled his cards.”

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