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An overview of most famous celebrity gamblers

An overview of most famous celebrity gamblers

The gambling scene has always seen celebrity players grace the felt tables. From Frank Sinatra to Ben Affleck, the multitude of movie and music stars, sports figures, and even politicians, have not only put their money where their mouths are, but have also contributed to the fame of land-based and online casinos over the years.

Sure these famous people know how to play a mean hand of Blackjack or Poker, and when luck smiles upon them everything goes well. But, when they start losing all eyes turn and people start judging. It's not easy being a superstar especially since the media will most likely make a big deal out of the fact that they lost so much money to the casino.

After a thorough research session we ended up with a few prominent names that are as good at the game as they are in their successful careers. Needless to say, you've surely come across the likes of Jennifer Tilly, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Michael Jordan either on screen, at live events, or even on the casino floors.

Ladies first! Jennifer Tilly is one of the most successful woman gamblers in the history of the industry. Although she is mostly known for her roles in movies such as Bullets over Broadway, Liar, Liar, and Bound, the actress turned poker player has managed to rise through the ranks and currently holds the 2005 WSOP bracelet.

Since 2005, when her poker career took off, Tilly has raked in the WSOP Ladies Main event and over €800,000 from live poker events only. Her pro skills are well-known and her cleavage-full shirts as well. Tilly confessed she thinks she "looks cute" and that's why she chooses the outfit.

One famous player who wasn't as lucky as Jennifer Tilly, in his gambling ventures is rapper, turned bankrupt, 50 Cent. Reportedly the infamous musician has cashed in big from sports betting, winning half a million dollars on a single game. He also received close to a million dollars from betting on the Mayweather/ de la Hoya boxing match.

Affleck and Damon seem to make a good team off and on-screen. They are Blackjack and Poker buddies and also generous tippers. It's been rumoured that the due once tipped $100,000 when winning over $700,000 in one night.

While Damon started his gambling career by wasting $250,000 in one sitting, in order to learn the ropes of Poker, Affleck is an avid player of Blackjack and a winning one, for that matter.

Living legend Michael Jordan is one of the sports' world biggest gamblers, as well. He's taken a liking to sports betting, Poker and Craps games, as well as invested in golf games. Since we got to the subject of golf, here comes Tiger Woods with an incredible track record in gambling. Besides his uncanny success in golf, Woods is known for betting $15,000 per Blackjack hand.

These mega stars have what it takes to succeed in their career and it seems that the discipline and devotion they dedicate their trade translates very well onto the casino floor as well.

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