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Online gambling takes a hit from Gibraltar fire

online gambling takes a hit from gibraltar fire

This past Sunday Gibraltar saw an explosion and a fire. This event interfered with online gambling services seeing as the power was out for several hours.

The residents of the territory also suffered a power outage. A mechanical failure was blamed for the generator that caught fire and exploded at the Waterport Power Station. Online gambling operators based in Gibraltar suffered along side residents with internet lines suspended.

With a low tax imposed on online casino operators Gibraltar is the go to place for such businesses to flourish. Consequently, Gibraltar's economy is largely influenced by how well these businesses are doing.

Online gambling operators reported having had no internet services for up to two and a half hours. This of course meant that people were not able to place bets for quite a while, fact which influenced the bottom line on both ends.

One casino operator reports "It's just one of those freak accidents nobody could have predicted. There will be those who will claim they would have backed a winner but there will be others who have been saved from backing a loser."

The fire was put out rather quickly as emergency personnel rushed to the scene almost instantaneously. Luckily, no one was hurt and the station was evacuated efficiently. The Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo made sure to commend the emergency personnel for quickly responding to the situation and their efficient methods of dealing with the fire.

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