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Online gambling expansion by 2020

Online gambling expansion by 2020

Predicting the fate of the online gambling market by 2020, Chris Krafcik, research director at Gambling Compliance, testified recently for the California Assembly Organization Committee.

Seeing as Pennsylvania, California, and New York are currently working on their online gambling market, Krafcik predicts that the next wave will be in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Illinois, and Ohio. He commented that these states will have a renewed legislature by 2020 allowing the online gambling market to expand.

It follows that Wave 1 states, which include Pennsylvania, California, and New York, and Wave 2 states, as Krafcik calles them, with Rhode Island, Connecticut, Illinois, and Ohio will pass an iGambling law by 2017, 2020 respectively. Although for this year the lawmakers are moving pretty slowly with passing such bills there is still hope for the year to come.

Pennsylvania is the first contender expected to legalize online gambling by 2016 although lawmakers are still looking to reach certain agreements with casino operators. Overall the state’s government is pro online gambling as well as regulators and since everyone is on the same page, Pennsylvania is first in line for legalization.

California, although expected to legalize online gambling by 2017 is still on shaky ground because of unresolved questions related to this issue. Regulators are at an impasse when trying to answer these three questions: Do we need a bad actor clause? How does this impact horseracing? Who is to regulate the online poker websites? The state is undecided over these things and for this reason they keep changing their minds about the legalization of online gambling.

With New York things are going a bit slower. Lawmakers wish to solidify the land-based casinos first before making a move into the online issue. Assuming these bricks and mortar casinos will be up and running soon, the state still wishes to allow a few years for revenue reports to come in before deciding on expanding into the online market.

Connecticut, Rhode Island, Ohio, and Illinois are all due to pass the bill on legalization although some are thought to be able to do this sooner.

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