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Guinness Book of World Casino Records

World records of all shapes and sizes have been gracing the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records since its first edition in 1955.It's Read more

An overview of most famous celebrity gamblers

The gambling scene has always seen celebrity players grace the felt tables. From Frank Sinatra to Ben Affleck, the multitude of movie and music Read more

Famous huge Casino winners

Any gambler dreams of that one magical day in which a single toss of the dice or turn of the card will bring him that big win.Sadly that can't Read more

Myanmar planning to legalize gambling

The country of Myanmar is planning to legalize certain types of gambling, including casinos aimed at foreigners which would be placed Read more

Are slots losing momentum?

Slots, both land-based and online, have been one of the most reliable cash generators for casinos all around the world. Now it would Read more

All about Baccpo

Baccpo is a weird game which tries to mix Blackjack and Baccarat together. All the players will play against the dealer just like in blackjack. Read more

Types of online casino tourneys

Online casinos are getting smarter and better by the day. From beautifully created game graphics to interesting soundtracks, they’re going all Read more

The rules of Big Raise Stud Poker

As you might have guessed already, Big Raise Stud Poker is a variant of regular Stud Poker with a few key differences. The game focuses Read more

Philippines expecting a prosperous Casino Industry

If you've ever visited the Philippines you are aware that it is a wonderfully beautiful country. It is the perfect place to visit and relax in Read more

First poker event in Norway's history

Norway will soon host its first ever poker event. The tournament will feature 5 regional events and one Main Event that will take place in Oslo. Read more

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