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Most awkward places where to get caught gambling

casino gambling

Do you get especially enthusiastic when it comes to having fun in unconventional places? If so, then you will love our roundup of some of the oddest places where some of you gaming lovers decided to try out your luck.

As for all you newbies out there, get ready to think out of the box, get creative with your free time; and you expert players, see which places you have already tried for a little slots action or even better – find out more places you should start trying out!

1. We love the weekends, they’re all about family time and friendly hangouts. So how would you react if you saw someone during the Sunday sermon for example, getting their share of gaming action right there in the church?

Family Time

Be honest now, would you be somehow jealous of his determination, not allowing any kind of boring events come in between him and his gaming progress or would you rather feel slightly sorry for the poor fellow?

Depending on your answer you can tell whether or not you have a gaming problem. Good luck with that…literally.

2. Staying on the theme of awkward family time spent on a virtual casino, we came up with another Hall of Fame worthy moment. We’re talking about…your own wedding!

Your Weeding Event

What other outrageous occasion for upgrading your Blackjack skills than right after the dance of the bride and before the wedding cake? Just make sure it’s after the “I do”s, otherwise you’ll also get to tell the story of how you gamed your way to a divorce.

3. Another strange moment where your passion for online gaming can label you as a socially awkward individual is on a romantic dinner date with your significant other.

Romantic Dinner Date

Yes it’s a turn off, but hey, if you can manage to excuse yourself to go the bathroom for at least fifteen minutes, then you’ve just come up with another unconventional place for accessing a mobile casino: a restaurant’s bathroom. Congratulations, weirdo, you just went viral!

4. How are you making money nowadays? And by that we mean your job, not your regular visit to the online casino. We mean that you need money in order to make more money, right? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could play some mobile slots during your lunch break at work?

Well, for that you’ll need to get that job, so whatever you do during an interview do not, by any means, start playing at an online casino in front of your possibly future boss.

A job Interview

Our tip: wait until AFTER you get that job.

5. When you try to impress by attending a cultural event like let’s say a night at the Opera, you really shouldn’t pull out your phone and engage in a little slot action. Maybe you think that you can hide it and people won’t be able figure it out, but they will notice that you’re ignoring them.

A night at the Opera

Better hit the bar and get yourself a glass of champagne, relax and leave the online casino to when you’re sober and we’ve just provided you with the most pleasant way to avoid losing. You’re welcome.

In what other strange places have you caught yourself gaming while trying to avoid looking awkward?

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