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More casino licenses from Romania

More casino licenses from Romania

For the past year Romania has been making some serious revisions to its almost inexistent gambling regulations. Imposing retrospective taxes on casino operators that were actively profiting from the gambling industry for years led to some of them taking their businesses out of the country.

Still, this did not impede other land-based and online casino moguls from trying to reach a new deal with the country and the ones that agreed to pay the taxes for the last five years have successfully received a legal license to conduct gambling business on the country's territory.

Eastern European Gaming states that many other operators from the gambling industry at large have been flocking to obtain the newly legalized casino licenses. The list continues to grow and just last month around 13 licenses were awarded by the Romanian gambling regulation body.

One of the benefits of this gambling regulation effort is that local players will have full confidence that the betting sites will be fair and will provide the latest and best gaming options available on the global market.

The taxes due to the government for "back taxes" are quite hefty sums and hopefully this will help the country's economy, seeing as their gambling gross revenue has surpassed that of Bulgaria.

For those companies that refused to pay, the Romanian gambling regulations body has released a blacklist in July to warn players that these companies are no longer operating within the boundaries of the law.

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