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Mobile gambling revolutionizes casino industry

mobile gambling revolutionizes casino industry

Not surprisingly the mobile gambling sector was not very popular at the turn of the century. Back then, mobile phones were mere shadows of what the devices can offer players today. You had no way of playing for real money on your phone and what’s more, the functionality was really limited and this style of gambling never caught on.

Things have changed dramatically with the introduction of iOS phones and later on the Android market growth. Naturally, the mobile user experience is still booming and plenty of perks come with it. Developers were quick to foresee the popularity of mobile gaming and took advantage of faster internet access, easy and instinctual touch screens, and incredible high resolution display features.

The thing about mobile apps is that still they are not up to par with desktop computers. I mean, if you think of how much punch that little cell phone is packing it’s quite amazing that this niche has advanced so fast in the last few years. This is one of the only reasons that you’ll have to spend quite a bit of time matching your cell’s capabilities to the casino app quality. Not all things are created equal and this goes for mobile apps too.

Browser-based tech like Flash, Java and HTML5 have done a great service to iPhone, Apple and Blackberry manufacturers, providers, casino operators, and users alike. When using a casino app, most often, you don’t need to download any software in order to benefit from the full range of mobile features.

The mobile casino app palette is still relatively small but the tides are changing rapidly with better performing gadgets coming on the market regularly. The downside is that you cannot find more than 20 to 30 titles to choose from and, if you’ve failed to do your research, you might even end up playing on a platform that lacks certain qualities and benefits that other reputable casinos might have readily available. So, make sure you search well before settling on any one site.

On the flip side, one of the most amazing things is that regardless of whether you’re playing mobile or desktop games, the bonuses and special offers can be accessed and used accordingly. Moreover, some casinos actually offer bonuses exclusively to mobile users. Things are definitely getting better as developers are problem-solving issues efficiently.

Mobile poker is an entity in itself. When analyzing between desktop and mobile obvious advantages will arise on the side of desktop gambling. Since most poker aps are not implemented with the aforementioned browser-tech the apps on the market are far cries from the powerful platforms that poker rooms can offer online.

Limited functionality and not having the option for multi-table play can discourage any serious poker player from advancing into a game of poker over mobile. The only advantage really is that you can use the loyalty casino points at ease while recharging your account from mobile is still a very restrictive activity.

The good news is that mobile developers are working conscientiously to improve on the old and bring up new features and interesting visuals each day. Check in regularly and keep up to speed with new tech trends because surely and shortly there will be a bigger, better app for that.

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