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Learn to speak slot

Learn to speak slot

Anyone that has ever played a slot machine will have learned in time what the meanings of the symbols are, in time. The one-armed bandits may seem easy and are pretty straightforward to play but the terminology is quite extensive when compared to the relatively low level of difficulty involved in triggering a play.

Since the invention of the first slot machine in the 1800s, redesign and innovation of this worldwide known and loved gambling game has served to add a reasonable list of words to its terms database. Then, progressive jackpots came along and added that much more to the game, the jackpot and the used terms when describing the machine and gameplay.

Below is a comprehensive list of all known slot machine terms that will give you a good idea of what to do with each button and symbol available.

  • Bet is simply the amount of money you are required to put into the machine in order to activate the spinning reels. Minimum and maximum bets depend on each individual machine
  • Bet Max represents the maximum amount of coins you are allowed to play at any one time
  • Bonus Features are the meaty extras that allow players to win on top of the regular rewards they may receive form regular spins
  • Buy-a-Pay Slots are machines that equate each coin inserted to a winning combination
  • Candle is a light on top of the traditional slot machines that tells you if there is a problem with the slot game. Usually it will flash if something is not right
  • Carousel is what they call a team of slot machines all wired next to each other
  • Classic Slots are the ones that besides having 3 reels and multiple payline will also contain wild and scatter symbols
  • Coin Size is the total amount you are allowed to play for each particular slots game
  • Coins are the tokens used to play the game
  • Coins per Line refers to the amount you are betting on each payline
  • Coin per Spin is the mount chosen by the player for each spin of the reels
  • Credits are similar to coins in that they represent money but are stand-in tokens
  • Fruit Machine is originally what the old style machine would look like; in the UK these give out special options, such as holding the reels, nudge games and bonus rounds
  • Hit is when you actually get a win from playing slots
  • Hit Rate is the frequency at which a certain slots game tends to pay out
  • Hold Percentage is the money being withdrawn by the house every time you make a bet
  • Hopper is the place where the money is stored in a traditional slots machine
  • Jackpot is winning the biggest pot at any slot machine
  • Loose Slots are the ones that supposedly pay out a higher percentage to the player
  • Low level are machines where you can actually sit while playing
  • Multi-Denominational are machines that can accept other coin value than the basic ones
  • Multi-line refers to a slots game that allows more than one active payline
  • One Armed Bandit is what traditional slot machines used to be called due to the lever pulling action employed when playing
  • Payback is the amount of money the game will reward relative to the money put in
  • Pay Line/ Payline is a line that can give out rewards if the player aligns the proper symbols
  • Pay Out is what you get when you win
  • Pay Table will outline all possible winning combination for each specific slot game
  • Pokies is what Australians call slots machine
  • Progressive Slots are machines grouped together over a network that amount a bigger than usual common jackpot
  • Progressive Jackpot is the money you gain after winning a progressive slot machine
  • Progressive ticker shows the player how much money has gathered till the current moment
  • RBG- Random Number Generator is the system employed by casinos to generate numbers at random so that all games are safe and fair
  • Reels are where the symbols rotate to provide combinations
  • Rollup is what happens from the time you hit a win to the time you collect the prize, it is usually very loud so that everyone knows what a lucky player you really are
  • Scatter Pay activates the bonus rounds and provides winnings without actually having to line up the symbols
  • Slot Club Member is a player that is enrolled in a loyalty program with a casino
  • Slot Schedule is the index with what you can and cannot do on a particular machine
  • Stacked Wilds are when the wild symbols stack one on top of the other
  • Stand Ups are slots machines played while standing
  • Stops are where the reels stop
  • Symbols is another name for the graphics shown on the reels
  • Taste is what you get when you keep winning small amounts
  • Tight Slots are machines that are said to pay out a lot more rarely than other machines
  • Tilt is a machine that is not working properly
  • Video Slots are machines that display a screen rather than actual spinning reels
  • Wild Symbol is sort of like the joker in card games; it substitutes other symbols and can give out winning combinations
  • Winning Combinations are the different ways in which a player can get prizes.

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