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Learn to speak Keno

learn to speak keno

Keno is one of the easiest and most successful casino games around the world. It has been around for a very long time and it is here to stay. It has some great payouts, given how easy to learn it is. Here are some Keno terms you might want to learn or at least know a little about before trying to play this game.

  • All or Nothing

    This Keno ticket only pays out if all the selected numbers are drawn, or if none of the selected numbers have been drawn.
  • Ball Game

    Similar to Bingo this is the Keno game which uses plastic balls to represent the numbers which will be drawn.
  • Balls

    Same size as bingo balls they are numbered from 1 to 80.
  • Bank

    The money the casino puts out for Keno tables.
  • Blank

    A Keno ticket that has not been used.
  • Blower

    This is the part of the Keno machine which dispenses the balls. It uses air to force the balls into a tube where they are removed by the Keno operator.
  • Buy-in Tournament

    This is a type of Keno tournament in which players have to pay a fee at the start through which they can play a certain number of games and can keep any of the winnings.
  • Cage

    A cage in which the Keno balls are held.
  • Catch All

    In this type of Keno game, players have to catch all the numbers they have marked on their ticket.
  • Catch Zero

    This is exactly the opposite of Catch All, meaning players have to catch none of the numbers they have marked on their ticket.
  • Draw Sheet

    This is a sheet that is handed out at the keno counter, indicating the numbers drawn in the previous game. All the drawn numbers will have punched holes in them so that tickets can be checked with ease.
  • Enhanced Payoff

    This is when a player can get a bigger payoff by playing a combination of games on a single ticket. These will usually pay more than playing each on an individual ticket.
  • High Roller Ticket

    This type of ticket generally has a higher ticket price than regular ones.
  • Inside Ticket

    A keno ticket that has been completed and returned to the casino.
  • Pay Table

    This chart indicates what each win pays out.
  • Stud

    A variant of keno in which the top prize keeps increasing until somebody wins it.
  • Sleeper

    When a winning ticket is not presented to receive the payout.
  • Top-Bottom Ticket

    This type of ticket has a horizontal line in the center. The players must catch numbers on only one half of the ticket and not the other.
  • Way

    A bet made on a ticket which allows more than one bet.
  • Way Ticket

    A ticket that has two or more bets.
  • Winning Numbers

    The 20 numbers that are drawn in every Keno game.

I hope this will help you understand a little bit of a lingo around a Keno table in your future play sessions. Good luck at the tables!

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