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Learn to play You Way 21

learn to play you way 21

This game can be aptly described as a combination of Pai Gow and Blackjack. The basic idea of the game is that the player and the dealer each start off with four cards. Then they have to arrange them into low and high hands of two cards each. Then they will both play out each of the hands and the final outcomes will be compared just like in Pai Gow. Just like in the game of Blackjack, if the player busts first he will lose the hand.


  1. The game uses a single 52-card deck.
  2. The same scoring system as in Blackjack will be used.
  3. The player has to make two small bets which have to be equal. Additionally, there is an optional poker-based side bet which is called the “Poker Bet”.
  4. Now the dealer has to deal both the player and himself exactly four cards each. The Poker wager which I mentioned will be based on the poker-value of the four cards and a pay table.
  5. Then the player has to arrange all of his cards into a two-card low and a two-card high hand. The high hand has to have more points than the low hand. Aces count as 11 when you are counting points.
  6. Now the player can play each hand just like in a normal game of Blackjack. He can double on any two cards, double after a split and he can never surrender.
  7. Just like in normal Blackjack, if the dealer busts his hand will immediately lose.
  8. Now the dealer will split his cards according to the house way.
  9. The dealer will also play both of his hands just like in conventional Blackjack.
  10. On a soft 17 the dealer always has to hit.
  11. At this moment the low hands of both dealer and player will be compared and the higher hand which does not exceed 21 will win.
  12. Any win for the player will pay even money. Ties will end in a push.
  13. Blackjack has no special significance. An ace together with a 10-point card will be counted as 21 points and will be equal to all other 21-points hands.

House Edge

It would seem that the house edge for this particular game is somewhere around 1.64%. That is pretty good compared to other casino games.

Poker Side Bet

Here are all the possible outcomes for your Poker Bet and how they will pay out:

  • Four of a kind - Pays 250
  • Straight Flush - Pays 75
  • Flush - Pays 9
  • Straight - Pays 7
  • Three of a kind - Pays 5
  • Two Pair - Pays 4
  • Pair - Pays 1
    • So there you have a decent rundown of the game of You Way 21, I hope it will prove useful if you ever find yourself inside of a casino playing this game.

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