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Las Vegas casinos try to be more eco-friendly

las vegas casinos try to be more eco-friendly

Las Vegas is the city that astronauts report is so lit up that it is constantly the brightest spot on earth. Because of this casinos in the city are trying to change course. The neon lights that were sprawled all over every casino are slowly but surely being replaced by LED screens and they are also trying to cut on their energy and water use. This is all in an effort to prove that they can be both sustainability leaders and good corporate citizens.

At some casinos they are trying to repurpose everything from soaps to curtains to dice and cards. They collect used soap from hotel rooms and melt it down to create new soap which will be handed to people who need it more in places like Guatemala and the Philippines. Pillowcases and old towels are being turned into cleaning rags and a few years back old curtains would be refitted into tote bags which were then sold for charity.

But these efforts don’t stop just there, customers who are on the casino floor now drink wine pumped from kegs instead of bottles. Rooms that are currently unoccupied also have lights and air conditioning off until they receive new guests. The garbage also goes directly to a team of people who try their best to sort it into recyclable and non-recyclable. A lot of companies in other industries should take a note from Las Vegas casinos and start employing these tactics themselves.

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