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Keno Variants and how to play them

keno variants and how to play them

Keno is a lottery-like gambling game which is played in many modern casinos. By all accounts it originates from China and its widespread popularity helped raise funds for the Great Wall of China. But enough about that, I’m here to tell you about a couple of interesting variants of Keno that you will find available in casinos all over the world.

Red White Blue Keno

This variant starts with a red ball with a white star emerging from a spiral ramp. Then the ball is launched by a flipper toward the number grid. There it will land on a number and then you start again.

Keno Poker

This combines the best parts of both games. The Keno numbers that are drawn are also given a random card value. 20 out of 52 numbers are drawn every time. Players can also bet on the poker hand that can result after the numbers are drawn.

Instant Bingo

In this variant people can shuffle the numbers on the card and also shuffle the patterns they have to play for. They will win the bingo draw if they complete the pattern on their card.

Venetian Keno

Entice your players to a game of Keno with this elegant Venetian carnival backdrop. The costumed character moves and dances around the screen while revealing the winning draw numbers.

Baseball Keno

This one will surely be a Home Run with baseball fans. A fast ball flies across the screen selecting the first number. Then the batter hits it and another number is selected. This one is perfect for sports bars.

Hot Zone Keno

In this variant you will participate in four Keno games at the same time. Every number you get will be randomly assigned among 4 weighted zones. Each of these zones has different odds and payouts.

Roulette Keno

Place your bets and start spinning that wheel! Four groups of five balls will be released on to the roulette wheel to draw your numbers. The engine keeps everything looking real, the balls bounce and roll appropriately.

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