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How to play Vegas Downtown

How to play Vegas Downtown

Vegas Downtown Blackjack is an American hole card game which is very similar to the traditional game of Blackjack, although there are a couple differences. Players who play this variant can choose between a single hand version and a multi-hand version. The story of this game is that it was developed by several casinos in downtown Las Vegas who were trying to bring a fresh new take to the game of Blackjack. While it was launched in live casinos you can also find at online casino sites nowadays.

How to play Vegas Downtown Blackjack

  • The game is usually played with two normal 52 card decks. This means that the odds of hitting certain cards are different compared to playing traditional Blackjack with only one deck. The cards are shuffled after every game is finished.
  • The dealer has a face down card, called a hole card. If he gets an ace or a ten as a face-up card, he must check his hole card to see if he has a blackjack. If he does the game is automatically over and the dealer has just won.
  • Getting a blackjack will beat any other hand in the game.
  • If the total value of your hand does not exceed 21, you can draw up to 9 additional cards to create a hand of eleven cards. Once a player reaches 11 cards, his hand automatically stands and the dealer has to play his hand.
  • The dealer must hit when he has an ace and a six (a soft seventeen) and has to stand on all other variations of seventeen.
  • Vegas Downtown Blackjack does not offer any form of surrender during gameplay.
  • A pair of aces can only be split once in the game of Vegas Downtown Blackjack. If a player does this, he can only hit once more per hand.
  • You can’t make a blackjack with a split ace and a ten value card. This means that a player can’t be paid 3:2 on hands that are made up by split aces and ten value cards.
  • Players are allowed to double down split hands in this variant.
  • Players can take insurance only if the dealer reveals that his upturned card is an ace.
  • The insurance is only limited to the original hand. It will not include any double down bets or split hands.

So there you have a quick recap of the basic rules for Vegas Downtown Blackjack. As you can see there are not a lot of differences compared to the regular game of Blackjack but there is enough to keep players interested in it. Keep in mind that you should learn the strategies and odds of this game before trying to play it for real money. If you don’t you will probably have a bad time and also lose money in the process. A good place to start practicing is online casinos which generally offer the lowest bets possible.

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