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How to play “Screw your Neighbour”

how to play “screw your neighbour”

Screw your Neighbour is a rather simple card game which is sometimes used in dealer’s choice poker games. It is usually a game played when people want to relax and play something which doesn’t require a lot of serious thought.


  1. A single 52-card deck is required to play the game. Kings are the highest card while aces are the lowest.
  2. Each of the players has to bet a certain amount of money at the start of the game. This amount will usually be three units of a certain amount, for example $1, for a $3 total.
  3. Then the deck is cut in order to determine who will be the first dealer.
  4. The dealer has to deal one card to each player, including to himself.
  5. All of the players have to check their card. If they have a king, they have to immediately turn it over; otherwise they can keep the card face down.
  6. Beginning with the dealer’s left, each player has to choose if he wants to keep his card or exchange it with the player to his left. Despite all of this, the king is a “blocker” and cannot be switched. So if the player to your left has a king you lose the option of switching your card.
  7. Right after each player took his turn, the dealer acts last. If he chooses to switch, and most often he will, he can switch with the dummy card which is on top of the deck of cards. But, if this dummy card is a king, it acts as a blocker in this case as well so the dealer can’t switch.
  8. The player who has the lowest card will lose and has to put a unit into the pot. In case of a tie, the tying player who is seated closest to the dealer loses.
  9. When a player runs out of money to place in the pot he will be eliminated and can no longer play.
  10. Then you just keep repeating steps 1 to 9 until you only have one player left in the game. He will win the entire pot.

There are also a lot of variants for this game, depending on where or who you play with. For example there is a rule in which all the players who are tied for the low card have to put a unit into the pot. Another rule states that a king is not a blocker when it’s the dummy card on top of the playing deck. So remember this game if you ever find yourself at a poker table full of friends who are too tired to play anything which still requires a lot of skill and game sense.

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