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How to master your emotions when you lose

How to master your emotions when you lose

If you've ever tried gambling as a more serious pastime rather than just a simple hobby, you've probably had to deal with a lot of variance in your wins and losses. Sure, winning is always nice and when you do score a big win you will feel like you're on top of the world. But the losses will hit your harder every time. You might forget all of those times when you won, but the losses will be stuck in your memory and they will still sting from time to time.

An extended losing streak can be disappointing, debilitating and sometimes even depressing. Even though you thought you had a clear advantage and knowing that the loss was out of your control, you will still feel like somehow it's all your fault. With experience, these inevitable swings will become tolerable and even expected. The key to successful advantage is not your technical proficiency at that particular game. A solid understanding of optimal betting is also not it. The main to successful advantage play is understanding the psychology of losing and understanding that swings will happen and there's nothing you can do about it.

Another very important tip is to control your emotions. Losing a hand and immediately getting angry will never help you out in the long run. The angrier you get the more mistakes you will start making. This is what is also known as "tilting". When you start "tilting" you're going to make more and more reckless moves because your emotions are starting to take over and all of your skill and tactics will go straight out the window. The opposite is also valid, don't get too excited over a hand you just won because that will only go to your head. You will slowly but surely start feeling invincible and your bets will become wild. The illusion of winning big will break you down just like losing will.

You should also try and focus on managing your expectations. This will have a huge impact on your success as an advantage player. An amateur will expect to win everything, after all that is what you're supposed to do. They enter every trip and session with the expectation of winning. This is a bad state of mind to start a gambling session with. It will only lead to disappointment, depression, discontent and serious damage to your psyche in time. So enter every gambling session with no expectations, just with the desire of trying to do your best and making it out with a still intact bankroll.

Sooner or later, lightning will strike any player. You will be faced with a devastating losing streak that is beyond your worst nightmare. You are never immune to this, you can be a victim of it at any time. Think of how you will handle it. Try to detach yourself from money and their implied value so you can get past your losses easier. If you conquer the psychology of losing, you can cultivate a professional attitude that will carry you across even the most difficult of barriers.

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