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How to manage your bankroll in Video Poker

how to manage your bankroll in video poker

When trying your luck at any gambling game, you should always have a good money management plan in mind. Then you actually have to meticulously follow that plan. This might seem difficult at first but practice makes perfect in time. Here are some easy tips on how to correctly manage your bankroll in video poker.

Set a Loss Limit

It is very important to set a loss limit for yourself. This is basically the maximum amount of money that you are willing to lose on one session of play. You have to face the fact that video poker is still gambling so there is a risk of losing money. Your main job is to make sure you don’t lose too much money. It is recommend that you start off with a small number, for example $100. Obviously you can slowly increase this limit in time but while you’re still learning the game you should keep it low. Also never let a winning streak influence this limit. If you just won $200 yesterday it doesn’t mean that next day your limit should increase by that margin.

Set a Win Limitt

You might find this rather odd, but it is a very good idea to also set a win limit besides a loss limit. The popular saying “what goes up must come down” applies to video poker as well. Whenever you have a winning streak, inevitably you will start losing as well. So before you start a play session you should decide on a win limit. If you reach that limit and want to keep playing, you should withdraw that money and start over with just the sum you posted up initially; doing this will make sure that you can keep playing while still leaving with some money in your pocket.

Remember that Video Poker is still entertainment

Video poker is not an investment and is not a sustainable way of making money. You should play this game with the mindset that you’re just there to have a good time. If you end up losing some money don’t be mad at yourself, you’d have spent the money on some other frivolous purchase. However, you shouldn’t let yourself lose a lot of money either just because it is all for fun. Keep your loss limit carefully in check.

Take Breaks

It’s always a good idea to take a break, no matter what you’re doing. You should set a timer for yourself while playing video poker, or just pay attention to the time. Play for a set amount of time and when your time is up, get up, walk around and clear your head. This will help you relax if things start getting intense and also make you enjoy the game better. Keeping a clear head while gambling is also really important especially if you want to leave with some extra money in your pockets.

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