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History of Australian pokies

Despite the varied range of gaming preferences and locations, it seems that everybody has heard about slot machines. But where does this fascination come from exactly? It must be the animated excitement and of course, the cash. The modern slots have taken control of the world, especially since online casinos have become the next best thing in entertainment. Australia is one of the regions were slots machines are the most important source of fun.

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Allow us tell you a little story about the slot machines of the Land-Down-Under. Once upon a time, in the early 50s a man called Joe Heywood created the first slot machine called the Clubman, which a few years later was replaced with the Clubmaster. The moment of breakthrough for the games of chance came in 1956, when the NSW government legalized gaming in licensed clubs.

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The Australians gave slot machines a local flavor by naming them "pokies". With this brand new Aussie identity, the pokies took over the world. They were pretty simple and fun, but the modern versions are way better than these.

With three spinning reels and a maximum of five lines there was not much action involved. The preceding jackpots were pretty modest and the real entertainment was pretty much missing, due to their technological simplicity. Not so many thrills, right?!

A certain stepping stone came in the mid-1980s, when the first video slot graced the audience with its glamorous way of making money. The five reels were a real treat for the players, because has come along with special features like free spins or multiple winning combinations.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the pokies have become a great attraction in the Australian pubs and that's how they've become popular in Queensland and South Australia. Although the first online casino appeared in the mid-90s, Australians were late bloomers at this chapter. However, when the first Aussie online casino was launched in a big style because it involved Microgaming, one of the biggest software manufacturers out there.

slots games from movies

The Thunderstruck video slot was a real hit and that's how in 2004 online pokies took off. The online pokies climbed another level technologically-wise in the moment they could be accessed from a mobile phone. Moreover, the online pokies mobile app allowed players to enjoy this razzle dazzle way of making profits from absolutely everywhere.

Now you have an idea of the long journey that pokies have made to reach the status of a certified source of entertainment, so start playing and get the best out of Australian pokies!

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