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Guinness Book of World Casino Records

Guinness Book of World Casino Records

World records of all shapes and sizes have been gracing the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records since its first edition in 1955. It's no wonder than that there is a category in it reserved for casino and gambling related events worthy of the "World Record" title.

This article aims to illuminate all you gambling aficionados about what wacky, crazy, and not in the least bizarre happenings that sometimes also become world records to be remembered for all time. Well, of until there's no more paper left to print the book on.

#1 Largest jackpot ever won

In 2011 a 20 year old Norwegian student played the Mega Fortune online video slot game and ended up with nothing more and nothing less than a pocketful of €11.7 million. This record, although, was broken in 2013 when a pokies player from Finland landed the jackpot for the same game and cashed in €17,9 million. With sums like this going around, it's a wonder we haven't seen the winners pull a world record for longest hysterical laughter, after finding out about their huge luck.

#2 Most successful tragic day gambling day

A man in Los Angeles entered a casino after leaving his home with $50 in his pocket. Determined to have some fun and possibly lose the said amount the player ended up turning that $5 bill into a $10,000 payout. The story doesn't end here! His incredible luck was sustained and he continued playing different games until he reached the incredible sum of $40 million.

As fate would have it, too much of anything is indeed going to spoil everything, and so, either due to greed or pure inebriation, the player went home with zero dollars in his pocket. Why, you ask? It's simple; he had the itch to continue playing and began wagering huge sums per hand.

#3 How long can you stay awake?

This next world record actually has nothing to do with trying to stay up the longest. Instead, it has everything to do with the longest running poker session the gambling world and the public at large had ever seen. We're not sure how he managed to do it, but this poker player lasted 115 hours playing in the same poker session. Talk about patience!

#4 Hear ye! Hear ye! Online Poker Tournament!

The internet has really made it possible for people from all over the world to meet, chat, and share pictures, videos, thoughts, anything really. But one online poker operator went beyond all expectations by hosting a poker tournament that included over 200,000 entrants. In a classic case of "breaking your own record", in 2011 the poker room beat their personal best set in 2009.

No matter how you look at it, all of these events are pretty impressive regardless of the fact that they entered the Guinness Book of World Records. What's next in line? The world's largest underwater aquatic adventure casino experience? We really do hope so!

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