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Gold Factory slot game review

Gold Factory slot game review

Gold Factory Online slot game is powered by Microgaming. It is a flexible online slot game where player can fiddle with 50 paylines and adjust these as per his liking. Every line allows you to use 5 coins; the value of coin may range from 0.01 GBP to 0.10 GBP. The premise of this game is a gold factory located in Sylvan. Player can place maximum bet of 1000 coins. With this Gold Factory Online Slot review, you can play this interesting online casino game like a pro.

Important symbols and their meaning

You can consider Golden casino free slots play for fun as there are lots of entertaining elements in it. Most important being symbols which are unique, and quite encouraging. The first one is the Gold Factory Logo, which is the highest paying symbol.

Second is not a single symbol but a set of symbol comprising of Gold Factory, man and boy. This is also quite high paying symbol but second to Gold Factory Logo.

Players also get a set of transport symbols such as - submarine, hot-air balloon and a train – after that there is a set which comprises of low payout symbols such as ingots, gold coins and a gold cart. Player also gets bonus symbols such as specially crafted gold coins.

All these symbols provide a setting of Willie Wonka’s Chocolate factory with only difference being player gets gold in place of chocolates.

How to play Gold Factory Slot online

The game is played over 5 reels. Slot has floor bet of only 0.01 GBP per line per spin and there is a ceiling wager of 25 GBP per maximum spin for engaging players who have high risk appetite. You place bets on the occurrence of various symbols mentioned in above section and as per the speculations won player gets the cash reward.

Scatter symbols on appearing anywhere on the reels pay out 2000 coins. 3 or 4 scatter coins yield 3000 and 4000 coins respectively making it one of the best online slot games that have amazing payout opportunities.

Player starts with First Boiler Room Bonus. On successful completion of this round, he gets access to second level of bonuses. All these rounds are triggered by the winning of free spin coins or reactor bonus coins during the initial bonus rounds.

Entertainment value of Gold Factory Online Slot Game

This game from Microgaming is quite high on entertainment quotient. Two extra bonus rounds apart from the main bonus rounds keep the players entertained and they are aptly curious about what more to come. The game is very interesting mix of scatters, fair bets, multipliers and bonus rounds which are in addition to massive but constant jackpot that allows the player to get lots of money.

Environment of this game is quite quirky but it is not annoying and is surprisingly funny. The moment when bonus rounds are triggered, it adds amazingly to the engagement value of the game and the player is very much into the game till the end.

Only thing which is missing is enough number of multipliers. Good thing about not having too many multipliers is that the player’s money is not exposed too much risk and he can enjoy the game while making decent earnings.

Another challenge that a player faces is complex paytables and playlines. The player has to rely heavily on visual and graphic clues to find out how many chances he is left with.

Overall, this game is interesting, challenging and quite entertaining. It is one of the most played games which are available on major online casino sites.

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