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Go Fore It and rules for playing it

Go Fore It and rules for playing it

In case you couldn't tell by pun in the name, Go Fore It is a card game loosely based on golf. The main object of the game is to make as few points as possible with four cards. After you see two of the cards, you will get to make a raise or fold. If that doesn't seem enough for your tastes, there are also a couple of side bets which you can make if you're feeling particularly lucky. The game first appeared around 2014 in a few casinos and it quickly expanded to more and more of them around the United States.


  1. A regular 52-card deck will be used.
  2. Cards have the following ranks:
    • Aces: 1 point
    • 2-10: Pip value
    • Face cards: 10 points
  3. You get to make three bets before any of the cards are dealt: Gopher, Skins and the Front 9.
  4. Play will start with the dealer handing each player two cards.
  5. Now the player will have to make a Back 9 bet or fold the Front 9 bet. This Back 9 bet, if made, has to be equal to the Front 9 bet. If the player decides to fold, he will still have action on his Gopher and Skins bets if he made them.
  6. Next the dealer will hand the players two more cards and four cards for himself.
  7. This Front 9 bet will pay depending on the player's total points. If he has 24 points or less, then the Front 9 bet will pay even money. If instead he has 25 or more, he will lose.
  8. The Back 9 bet will also pay based on how many points the player has, only according to this pay table:
    • 4-8 points - 25 to 1
    • 9-13 points - 5 to 1
    • 14-18 points - 2 to 1
    • 19-24 points - 1 to 1
    • 25-40 points - Loss
  9. The Gopher bet will pay according to how many aces are in the player's final four-card hand.
  10. And finally the Skins bet will pay depending on which among the player and the dealer has the lower final four-card hand. Any ties will go in favour of the dealer.

The optimal strategy for this game is actually pretty simple. When you've wagered on the Back 9 bet all you have to do is raise with 14 or fewer points and fold if you have 15 or more. Beyond this there is not much you can do to maximize your chances of winning due to the random nature of the game.

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